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Our Value Proposition

The Griggs Firm is an employment law and business litigation firm that provides high-quality, results-oriented, and cost-effective legal representation to Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises, non-profit corporations, governmental en­tities and high-profile individuals. Our mission is to assist our clients to improve their business outcomes and address effectively their legal challenges under even the most difficult and high-stakes circumstances.

The Griggs Firm was founded by Johnny Darnell Griggs and Marc T. Little, each of whom have practiced for many years at the high­est levels of the legal profession. As successful and noted attorneys in their respective areas of expertise, the founders of The Griggs Firm have represented significant clients from the business sector, as well as high-profile clients from the sports, entertainment, non-profit and public service communities. Because of the founders’ years of experience as trial lawyers, trusted advisors and crisis managers in delicate and high-stakes matters, The Griggs Firm is able to provide the highest-quality legal representation to its clients with­out the high price tag often associated with large, institutional law firms. Collectively, The Griggs Firm founders have more than 50 years of experience in the areas of employment litigation and counseling, as well as complex business litigation.

Messrs. Griggs and Little have exemplary track records for solving significant legal problems and managing legal risk without the need for costly and disruptive litigation. However, sometimes businesses and other clients face the prospect of protracted and complex litigation, the effects of which can threaten a company’s brand, profit margin, morale and even viability. For many clients, retaining (and incurring the cost of retaining) one of Los Angeles’s mega law firms is not an appealing or cost-effective prospect. Messrs. Griggs and Little pride themselves on possessing, at highly-competitive rates, a level of experience, expertise and talent that rivals the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles. With more than half a century of trial and appellate experience between them, Messrs. Griggs and Little have successfully defended and prosecuted myriad complex business matters in California state and federal courts, including employment litigation, real estate-related claims, toxic torts, land subsidence claims, business torts, contract disputes, unfair business practices disputes, commercial law claims, insurance coverage disputes, civil rights claims and other complex business disputes. Messrs. Griggs and Little have skillfully handled a broad spectrum of cases, including high-profile and highly-sensitive matters.

Businesses and other clients need results-oriented, highly-competent, creative and cost-effective legal counsel to help them manage their risk and handle their employment law and complex litigation matters. The Griggs Firm fills that need at the highest level – skillfully, effectively and economically.