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The Griggs Firm Non-Litigation Employment Services Reduce Client Legal Exposure

Seasoned and Expert Employment Counsel Serving California

Employment lawsuits and claims are costly. These costs come in many forms, including the expense of litigation, paying claims, loss of morale and staff time, the damaging impact upon a company’s brand, and potential opportunity costs. Therefore, a proactive approach to avoiding disputes – the preventive law approach – is essential.

As anyone who owns, operates or manages a business in California knows, California has the most employee-friendly employment laws in the nation. California’s legal environment often presents monumental challenges for businesses. The Griggs Firm understands this, and provides expert employment counsel to assist our clients to surmount these challenges.

Our Services

The Griggs Firm employment law practice is focused on reducing exposure to employment-related claims and litigation. The Griggs Firm advises and counsels employers regarding the full range of issues arising from the employer/employee relationship. We regularly advise and counsel management and human resources professionals, train management and staff, assist in drafting and implementing employee handbooks and other policies and procedures, as well as prepare employment contracts, severance agreements and other documents. Our knowledge of current employment law legislation, as well as regulatory and court rulings, enables us to apprise clients of issues that might affect them so that they can better manage risk. We also conduct employment-related internal investigations and compliance audits. Our services include:

  • Advice and counsel — The Griggs Firm advises and counsels employers on, among other things, a wide range of issues including wage and hour, hiring and firing, workplace discipline, workplace privacy, trade secrets and proprietary information, non-competition and non-solicitation provisions, and human resources management.
  • Workplace investigations — Conducting prompt, thorough, discreet and cost-effective investigations into alleged or potential workplace misconduct presents myriad challenges for employers. Ensuring that these often highly-sensitive investigations are handled appropriately is often essential in order to address any misconduct, reduce or eliminate legal exposure and preserve employee morale and productivity. Conducting an appropriate and effective workplace investigation is often critical to achieving a successful outcome. Over the past 20 years, our Managing Shareholder has conducted workplace investigations for hospitals, churches, schools, restaurants, banks, government agencies, and a variety of other for-profit entities and public benefit corporations. His investigative expertise has been called upon to investigate the most sensitive claims, including those involving senior executives.  Our Managing Shareholder has investigated complaints involving a range of alleged workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, retaliation, and age, race, gender and disability discrimination.
  • Management and staff training — We provide trainings to management and staff in a variety of areas, including discrimination, harassment, bullying, workplace violence, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Employment-related documents — Preparation of well-drafted documents that comply with applicable employment laws are critical to reducing exposure to employment-related claims. At The Griggs Firm, we prepare, and help employers to properly utilize, a variety of  workplace-related documents including: disciplinary memoranda, employee evaluations, job descriptions, employee handbooks, policies and procedures, offer letters, non-disclosure agreements, employee contracts, independent contractor agreements and severance agreements.

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